Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fast Gross Food

Karen De Coster recently linked to the above video and called fat-assed Americans gross pigs. She actually makes some good points, though I'm not sure I take quite the same attitude toward ordinary, stressed-out people. It's no wonder we're all (well, almost all) so damn fat. What else has the average wage-slave got to look forward to besides stuffing their face with grotesque mounds of indigestible "food", except maybe getting drunk, and you can't (or shouldn't) do that every day.

The fast food industry seems unable or unwilling to create anything really good (or truly tasty in the real sense) and continues to stretch the limits of good taste (ha ha) when it comes to coming up with new, gargantuan calorie concoctions. The menu inventions seemingly have to become more and more extreme to keep the over-weight masses interested.

I'm waiting for the Taco Bell Double Crunchwrap Supreme (or have they already done that?).

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  1. I think part of the problem is that there are not very good, affordable options for healthy food when dining out. It's easier when grocery shopping, but Americans eat many of their meals away from home.

    As with most things, I think transparency would help. I think eateries should post the nutritional information of their dishes, and not buried on their website: in the store, even on the packaging. At least people could still order what they want.

    Nothing good can come from banning or restricting caloric content, and my jury is still out on the "trans fat"-style bans.


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