Saturday, September 26, 2009

Preparing Us for Martial Law?

A good post, with videos, about the use of the military in towns across America in non-emergency situations.

Maximum Alert: U.S. Troops Now Occupying America


  1. Preparing the people, but most importantly preparing the police and military.

    They'll enjoy beating unarmed students and peaceniks...I notice they aren't so bold at events with more people of the armed demographic...

    "To protect and serve"

  2. I wonder how this would go over in Texas or Utah? This is crazy. The 4th branch of government's silence on this is also telling. Back in February, we had a similar thing.

  3. A. Each State National Guard is not subject to the Posse Comitatus Act unless the are working federally, which they weren't in this case; they were run at the state level.

    B. The State National Guard have been frequently deployed under every president for the purposes of national disaster relief and in times of civil unrest.

    C. The paranoia is just adorable, keep giving yourselves high blood pressure. Very amusing stuff.

  4. Ginx, it's called incrementalism for a reason.

    "oh, they're just helping manage protestors!"

    "they're just running checkpoints to find drunk drivers!"

    How do you think fascist rule is implemented? Overnight, or over years? For now it almost seems reasonable...

  5. @Ginx:
    In order for the National Guard to be activated for a federal emergency, permission must be given by the governor. If I recall, Mary Landreiu said she had to consider Bush's request for 24 hrs before allowing that activation. It's one thing for national disasters, but what is civil unrest? I don't think the NG should be used as police, like they wanted to do in Iowa, going door to door searching for whatever. If I also recall, the LNG violated people's 2nd and and 4th amendment rights. Whatever the case, we don't need that type of help.

  6. It's hilarious that you think the party that can't pass a healthcare bill that even approaches socialized medicine will be the party that institutes totalitarianism.

    Is that Kool-Aid cherry or grape?

  7. @Ginx
    Are you talking to Skeptical Eye or someone else?

  8. @Ginx
    Are you talking to Skeptical Eye or someone else?

  9. Oh come on Ginx. The poitical parties are one and the same. Like I said, it takes *years*. Remember Waco?

    There is footage of US troops training to confiscate firearms and implement martial law as early as the nineties - see the film "Police State 2000". (google video)

    Heck, search "REX 84" and you'll see that conditioning the goons for martial law goes back 25 years.

    Ignore the political parties, they are two sides of the same coin who just keep up the pretence of being different.

  10. I'm on the govt's side with Waco. I think roasted right winger cultists smell great. And don't try guilting me about the kids, they were the best part, like human veal.

  11. First they came for the fundamentalist Christians and I did not speak out because I was not a fundamentalist Christian.


  12. I'd also add that this is exactly why the media pushes all kinds of propaganda to divide us along political, religious, cultural, racial, etc we don't give a damn when others are savaged, and so nobody else will care when it's our turn. Ignoring this won't make it go away.

  13. @Ginx:
    The problem with Waco is that how many innocent people got killed? If the government really wanted David Karesh, they could have gotten him anytime when he went to town by himself in his pickup. What this was about was showing force and making an example. It wasn't law enforcement at all.

  14. OMG the scary Democrats are coming!

    I'm aware that a frog will boil to death in a slowly heated pot of water. We aren't frogs.

  15. The Republicrats. ;)

    Do you really think it matters? Oh, no, no, it's all different now, that puppet is from this party, it's all good. WTF???

    How about OMG the eugenicist banking families who funded Hitler and Stalin are coming. How's that sit with ya. Killed a hundred million at least in the last century.

    Forget Clinton, Obama and Bush families, these are low level roaches. Mere puppets for the slaves to fawn over on TV.

    Kissinger? Brezninski? Getting warmer.

    ROCKEFELLER/MORGAN/ROTHSCHILD Ding ding ding!!! Eugenicist central.

    Remind me again why it's different because the Soros party beat the Murdoch party?

  16. @Ginx:
    Look up fabian society. That pretty much fits Obama.

  17. @AdamS:
    Where was the trilateral commission and the bilderbergs?

  18. @ Right Guy

    :D Must have left them under my tinfoil hat :D

    Sounds like one of those crazy conspiracy theories, huh?

    They're all so interbred at the top, it's gross. Did you know Obama is distant cousins with Bush and Queen Elizabeth?

  19. I've been to Fabian society meetings at my university. I like gradual socialism. You would prefer an abrupt, violent overthrow? Oh right, you would prefer Capitalism spelled C-R-O-N-Y-I-S-M

  20. I prefer small c or jeffersonian capitalism to corporatism or any form of socialism. I am not a fan of indentured servitude, slavery or fascism.


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