Saturday, September 19, 2009

Obama does something good

Quoth Lew Rockwell:

Blessed are the peacemakers. Obama stops building anti-missile weapons in Eastern Europe, and Russia responds by dismantling its missiles. And no one now pretends to believe Bush’s laughable lie, that the anti-missile weapons were aimed at Iran rather than Russia. How, I noticed various scamsters on cable TV saying, could anyone object to “defensive” weapons like the US’s? Because they make a first-strike far easier and therefore more likely. One other point: if the neighborhood bully comes out of his house one Saturday morning not just with his baseball bat, but dressed head to toe in body armor, no one exclaims: how great–he’s gone defensive.

Let’s just hope and pray that this small act of detente is not part of the perfervid neoconservative goal of murdering the Iranian people.

Remember the tired neocon chant of, "leaving them alone won't make them leave us alone, you naive pacifist utopians!"? It's clearly been proven wrong.

Still, one wonders why Obama refuses to adopt a similar approach to the Middle East.


  1. I was kind of shocked he did it. He's already effectively proven to me time and again that he's not that different from Bush.

    Looks like a defense contractor's check wasn't big enough...

  2. Isn't this part of a larger plan to get the Russians to support action against Iran?

    I highly doubt this was abandoned without there being an ulterior motive.

  3. I really wish this was just a move toward a reasonable foreign policy toward the Russians, and away from the neocon lunacy that wants a new cold war with them, but since so far Obama has proven he is nothing but a typical warmongering President, I remain suspicious of the ultimate motive here.

  4. The general idea is that Russia will help with Iran if America shelves the interceptors in Eastern Europe. Anyone who thinks that Russia is going to respond positively is kidding themselves.

    Russia had placed those missiles on the Polish border to intimidate the Poles. They have threatened to use nuclear weapons against Poland. I think US foreign policy as flawed as the next person, but come on, Russia is not a poor, misunderstood victim of a neo-con agenda.

    Russia is attempting to reestablish an empire in Eastern Europe. The Poles are scared to death that America has sold them to Russia (again).

    Those interceptors were not a threat to Russia in anyway. It was the mere presence of even a single American soldier in Eastern Europe that drove their agenda. They want their sphere of influence back.

    Neo-cons may tell us the Russians are a foe, but that doesn't make it untrue right off.


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