Sunday, September 6, 2009

Joseph Stalin, the Real History

It is incredible to me that there are still those who can write comments like this:
"Most of this documentry is Bougoise propaganda for they like to blame others and take blame off themselfs and their allies" in reference to the documentary Joseph Stalin, the Real History.

I also came across this insanity at Youtube:

Which is why I'm posting these videos:

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  1. Stalin is the reason people equate Authoritarianism and Communism. Between his institution of a command economy and the Great Purge, socialists should hate him for the damage he's done to their cause, and everyone else should hate him for instigating the single greatest waste of resources in human history, the Cold War.

    About his only redeeming quality was helping to stop Hitler's Germany, and even then he was initially an ally turned enemy only because Germany broke their pact.


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