Monday, September 7, 2009

Pat Buchanan has committed the ultimate sin...

...questioning World War II (the supposedly "good" war). The blood-thirsty nationalist warmongering liberals at Dailykos are furious.

Liberals aren't antiwar, as any libertarian will tell you. They are anti-Republican wars (except when they're being continued and supported by Democrats) for partisan political reasons. And that's about it. Now that Obama is running the US empire, liberals have quickly learned to shut their stupid yap-holes and defend their beloved "commander in chief" against the treasonous serfs who dare to question his policies.

What a bunch of conformist tools.


  1. The 413 comments left as of my reading the dailykos article shows how ignorant the article is.

    For another thing, Germny was heavily in debt due to the "agreements" after WWI. The scapegoating which allowed Hitler to rise to power was also a result of the Allies.

  2. Why is this issue coming up now? Buchanan's book has been out for what, at least a year now?

  3. Why is this issue coming up now?

    Because Buchanan just published this on Sept. 1, the 70th anniversary of the German invasion of Poland.

  4. Yeah, I was gonna ask the same thing - Buchanan's book has been out for a while now. I figured any backlash would've come sooner...

  5. Here is another reaction, this time from the Huffpost.

    The "liberals" can't leave it alone, and I'm sure there must have been some response at the time the book was published.

    Any thought that the war was unnecessary (or that Saint FDR actually wanted war) can't be tolerated by them. "Liberals" can't stand having their myths challenged by the facts, so the fact they may be responding to Pat again now is just an indication that they always have to have the last word.

    Also see how at the end of the column from this lying liberal (or is that redundant?) he celebrates MSNBC removing Buchanan's essay from their website under pressure:

    UPDATE: MSNBC is currently promoting Buchanan's column on This is beyond ridiculous. The National Jewish Democratic Council just issued a statement that says: "This sort of historical revisionism is deplorable. Buchanan's latest column should be removed immediately from, and no worthy news organization should employ a commentator who engages in such vile fiction."

    UPDATE II: Within an hour of our press release, MSNBC has removed Buchanan's column, "Did Hitler Want War," from their website. Here's a response from David A. Harris, NJDC's President: "MSNBC took the responsible action and removed Pat Buchanan's column defending Adolf Hitler from their website, but no worthy news organization should employ and promote a commentator who engages in such vile fiction."

    "Liberals" only believe in what they call "free speech" and "tolerance" when it suits them. Just have some conservative Christians protest for the removal of something they don't like ("blasphemous" art in a museum) and wait and listen for the howls of "liberal" indignation.

  6. No publicity is bad publicity :P

  7. I'm sure there must have been some response at the time the book was published

    I don't recall seeing or hearing anything at that time, even though the fact that the book was available was heavily publicized on many websites the left likes to monitor for "hate speech".

    The reaction now seems to be much more widespread and vociferous. It makes me wonder if this isn't all part of some larger plan...

  8. ... possible tie-in to the attempt to smear townhall protestors as right-wing extremists?


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