Friday, September 25, 2009

"I Own Me"

Its gettin thicker than dreadlocks/
they treat us like we're dread scott/
don't wanna see the feds pop/
or be the one that they'd stopped/
or get in trouble cause I talked shit to their mascot/
frickin' busybodies need to go and buy an ascot/
tellin' me you own me then makin sho' i'm taxed out/
maxed out, deep in-debted from the easy credit/
that the fed imbedded then they betted it all be copacetic/
if they were the medic but forget it/
the people are gettin' pissed/
blowin up like some unleaded/
they want control unfettered/
but ya'll know that smells fetid/
like the craphole that we're headed/
to if they don't let me do me/
and you do you/
and all the guns in the gunverment /
won't amount to a twenty-two /
if they keep on stompin' on amendment number two/
and we don't even need you/
take your welfare and your brainwashing free-school/
and ya'll are so see through; easy to see you is evil/

Nobody owns me/
ya'll haters don't/
I own me /
so back the fuck off/
(x 2)
I make my own rules/
take my own tools/
you ain't in my shoes/
no you ain't get to choose/
I ain't pay you dues./
I pay 'em for my self/
don't expect shit from me/
and I ain't need your help/

and in case you didn't know/
this song is for the parasites/
the feeders that bleed us and treat us/
like they're the hand and we're the dice/
no utopian paradise to be had from any plan/
the world's too complex for any man to comprehend/
all the supply and again all the demand/
when the few control the view/
their mistakes are multiplied /
the decisions should be ours/
like our bodies. Let's take back our lives/
Only a slave if you submit/
and ya'll know I got some fight!/
and this ain't racist /
its for blacks, whites and asians/
middle eastern people, latinos/
and everyone who wants to be free, so/
we'll even let it slide if you're emo/
I never signed no social contract/
I'm about to have to repo/
myself, for my health/
and my wealth/
put your bills back on the shelf/
capitol hill can go to hell/
we should put them punks in jail/
we could live our lives ourselves..../


So who's to say Barack Hussein/
knows what's best for me?/
I knock the man and not the name/
cause in my family tree/
could be husseins so I take aim/
at tyranny times three/
branches that act just/
like geriatric babysitters/
but really you'll get beat-up/
if you don't follow their edicts/
there's a law against living /
year its worse than shariah./
but where can I go if this/
whole world is socialist/
though we know that it failed for the soviets./
Its 1984 people please notice this./
Fuck a tax feeder time to overthrow them tics/
its in the declaration Jefferson wrote the shit/
So choose to be a free man /
governments we're over it/
governments we're over it!/

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