Friday, September 25, 2009

The Despicable, Evil Statist Mark Levin

Check at the 1:30 mark where he tells the Ron Paul supporter "You're the ones who don't understand the Constitution. You're the ones who misread the Constitution."

Now this is odd behavior, even for a "neo" conservative like Levin.

Everyone who knows anything about the Texas Congressman knows that of all the members of both houses of Congress, Ron has the voting record that is most in tune with the Constitution.

Paul, who is a medical doctor, has acquired the nickname "Doctor No" precisely because he regularly records the sole vote against any of a number of measures that gain otherwise unanimous support. He does so because he is a strict believer in the limited powers of the federal government imposed by the Constitution and will not vote to expand those powers.

Levin, by comparison, has built his career on posing as a believer in a strict interpretation of the Constitution. Yet when confronted with the emergence in the 2008 presidential race of a true adherent to strict constitutional interpretation, his knee-jerk reaction was to denounce Paul.

Why is anybody's guess, but I imagine it was because the presence of Paul on the scene unmasked Levin and the rest of the neoconservatives as impostors.

Mark Levin owes an apology to Ron Paul


  1. Maybe if he hates the federal govt so much, Paul should work at the state level.

    I wouldn't want a vegetarian inspecting my meat, or a mute person on watch duty. Why are we obsessed with electing people to jobs they don't even want to do?

  2. Ginx, Ron Paul, unlike other members of Congress, actually believes what the Constitution says about the powers delegated to the Federal government.

    If the Constitution was still the real law of the land, most of what the Federal government does would be ruled illegal.

    Ron Paul is not an anarchist, so he has every reason to try and advance liberty through political (but also educational) means. Or both at the same time, as with his current bestselling book End The Fed, and the bill and hearing to audit the Federal Reserve.

    Why are we obsessed with electing people to jobs they don't even want to do?

    What are you talking about? He is doing his job! Is it his "job" to insanely and recklessly increase the power and spending of the Federal government, like every other crook in Congress?

    It's not a matter of hate, but rather of love, for his country, for liberty and for the real U.S. Constitution.


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