Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Let's Have All the Lawyers and All the Big Pharma Execs Kill Each Other

I was watching TV (God knows why, since 90% of the time there seems to be nothing worth watching on the idiot box) and saw one of those law firm ads soliciting clients who may have been harmed by a particular prescription drug. I then had the pleasant thought of throwing all the trial lawyers and all the pharmaceutical company executives together in an arena and having them fight each other to the death. It would be more compelling entertainment then watching the Christians and the lions.

Once that was done with, like any great idea, it could be expanded to include other parasites and exploiters in our society. How about bankers, IRS agents, Congress, the Border Patrol, the countless faceless bureaucrats who make life difficult and miserable...well, you get the drift.

As long as there are lawyers, there will be "lawyer jokes". And lawyers will show how those jokes ring true by trying to explain how such lampooning really constitutes praise for their profession, thus by example justifying the jokes more than ever.

"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers"


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  2. Lawyers, of course, are not all bad, unlike most of the others I listed.

  3. Pharmaceutical lawsuits are such a touchy thing. You have cases like this:

    where pharmaceutical companies are, without any doubt, doing more harm than good through marketing and bribes.

    It's a shame we need medicine.

    Re: Lawyers, I'm not sure one should blame them. They're merely legal advocates; I always blame the people they represent, not the lawyers themselves. It's like how I blame the assholes who run companies, not the mere idea of companies (like moronic Communists).

    Everyone hates lawyers... except their own.


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