Monday, September 14, 2009

Only Anarchism

Democracy IS The God that Failed. All that is left is real freedom, i.e., anarchy.

The world’s only Super Power has everything in its kitty to be able to comfort its citizens and the Americans in turn, has every reason to feel safe and snooty. However, the human sufferings incurred in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere triggered by the ‘United States’ dominating foreign policy has prompted Noam Chomsky, arguably the world’s greatest living thinker to christen his own nation as “Failed States”. Lessening human suffering is promoting democracy, the scholar noted.

We know there is no more serious institutional competitor of democracy after the fall of communism. Given the situation, in the event of the failure of democracy, the nearest uncharted system at hand perhaps, is Anarchism (Monarchy, Fascism, Capitalism of varied forms etc.etc. have been tested).

Anarchism is a political philosophy which says that any government, authority or power is ‘oppressive and unjust, that the abolishing of government will produce the greatest individual and collective freedom and prosperity and that is the governmental authority that imposes unfair rules on people, steals their money, and keeps them in slavery’. German thinker Max Stirner, Russian-born American writer Emma Goldman and many other philosophers both past and contemporary in Italy, Spain, Germany, France are prominent promoters of Anarchism. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon of France advocated in favour of Anarchism to certain extent. Peter Kropotkin of Russia campaigned for a communist anarchism. Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s idea that says, “People are naturally virtuous but corrupted by society”, has been giving inspirations to many anarchists throughout the ages world wide.

Democracy’s edges


  1. I’ll be honest, when Bush won in 2000, I had these same thoughts.

    The problem is, Anarchy is not like Atheism. Anarchy is unstable, Atheism is stable.

    The reason for this is that Atheism is confined to one individual and their thoughts. Anarchy depends upon the unpredictable actions of many people. Anarchy also relies on the faith that no one will ever seize the reigns once they have been dropped.

    If Anarchy was sustainable and preferable, power vacuums would create Utopias. When governments crumble, there is not a flourishing, but a weakening, and exploitation from the outside by those who have their shit together is inevitable.

    I understand the frustration of disagreeing ideologically with the leadership of your country. The eight years leading up to Obama were so tyrannical that Obama’s administration is a breath of fresh air – even though I don’t agree with him on nearly anything and I certainly didn’t vote for him.

    Democracy usually does not elect the best leaders, but it ensures we can expediently remove despots and crooks. We don’t, but we can. Why aren’t we?

  2. @ Ginx - The actions of people are not unpredictable though. People tend to act in their best interests. In a stateless society (anarchy), this would lead to checks and balances in the free market. People would receive better and cheaper service for things like schools and roads b/c there would be competition and profit incentive.

    A government is a service provider without competition. The government is made up of people who also tend to act in their best interests. This plays out totally differently given the nature of monopoly, however. When government officials act in their best interests, it leads to corruption and preferential treatment for special interests. Big business and big government are natural allies that grow strong at the expense of the general public.


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