Wednesday, September 16, 2009

“Change...Yes we can say the word!”

Hmmm, more war, more bailouts for the criminal banksters and corporations, and now, an extension of the Patriot Act. I'm going to have to write a letter to Websters, because the dictionary I have is obviously wrong, some kind of a misprint I'm guessing when they put it together in the editing process, giving the word change a completely different definition than the actual meaning of "more of the same".

Change...Yes we can! Does Obama have a speech impairment or is he mentally challenged. Does he suffer from amnesia, or is he developing Alzheimer's, like his congenial predecessor, Ronald Reagan? Are Obama's two brain halves connected? There is no way of telling what exactly is the matter, but let us be generous towards the man and suppose he suffers from a rather serious speech impairment. Perhaps he has long been a stammerer. After all, he cannot deliver a speech without using a teleprompter. Again, like Ronald Reagan, but also like his mentally challenged immediate predecessor, Bush II.

Change...Yes we can! Let us just assume, not to be too unkind to Obama (we might get accused of being racists), that he was unable to finish pronouncing the sentence. What he meant to say must have been something like: “Change...Yes we can say the word!” But he apparently never got beyond the first four words.

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