Friday, September 4, 2009

Possibly good news.

Some good news out of Canada. Apparently a portion of their notoriously oppressive hate speech laws has been ruled to be incompatible with the Charter which is similar to being found unconstitutional in the U.S

I am cautiously thrilled with this. I am happy to see restrictions on thought and expression defeated but I have doubts about it staying beaten. It looks as if it is not the "hate speech" restrictions themselves that the court had a problem with but rather problems with the enforcement and sanctions. I suspect a modified version will be back in place shortly. As a U.S. citizen what happens in Canada doesn't directly affect me but I still take an interest. Our lefties look to Canada as a role model and we are currently a leftist nation. (When the right wingers are back in charge I will start worrying about what happens in Iran and Saudi Arabia which is who I see them trying to copy.)

Don't get me wrong I find those people who make racist and homophobic remarks to be stupid, vulgar, dirt bags. However I believe that to have any dignity as free people we must allow even dirt bags to have a right to free expression. When we stifle the free exchange of ideas we end up with oppression, and suffering. Freedom to speak ones mind, publish and organize without fear of government reprisal is our best weapon against tyranny. Protecting that is worth having to listen to a bunch of bigoted idiots vomit out their stupidity.


  1. 'Hate speech' is a strange phrase isn't it?

  2. CorkyAgain, not CorkSeptember 4, 2009 at 3:29 PM

    >> 'Hate speech' is a strange phrase isn't it?

    It sure is. Is it using "hate" as an adjective or as a verb?


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