Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Man Who Saved One Billion Lives

Norman Borlaug, a man worth more than all the world's politicians put together.

Borlaug's passing gives us time to reflect on a man who used science and technology to improve the world. In fact...because of his advances, all hunger in the world today is the result of political disasters, not natural ones. (Thoughts on the Passing of a Hero)

Ah, political disasters. Thanks governments and politicians!

Oh, and he warned us about the enviro-nuts, too:

In later life, Borlaug was criticized by self-described "greens" whose hostility to technology put them athwart the revolution he had set in motion. Borlaug fired back, warning in these pages that fear-mongering by environmental extremists against synthetic pesticides, inorganic fertilizers and genetically modified foods would again put millions at risk of starvation while damaging the very biodiversity those extremists claimed to protect. In saving so many, Borlaug showed that a genuine green movement doesn't pit man against the Earth, but rather applies human intelligence to exploit the Earth's resources to improve life for everyone. (The man who fed the world)

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