Friday, September 4, 2009

My kind of guy

I know that from what I have seen so far the Obama administration is going to be only slightly less toxic than the Bush administration. I know that like Bush he is the enemy of everything I consider good and decent. I also know that as a member of the Obama administration I should seriously distrust Van Jones, particularly as he is affiliated with communist groups. However based on these articles about him he seems like my sort of dude. Of course Weird Nut Daily doesn't see it that way. They are blasting him for his history of organizing and supporting resist the police programs and rallies, and for pointing out police abuses of power like murder and "brutality, detentions, domestic spying, profiling and other attacks on human and civil liberties."

This is apparently the stand the right is taking against Obama's environmental adviser, personally I am waiting to hear about his bad qualities.


  1. Given the 8 years prior to Obama, one can imagine there's quite a bit of anti-authoritarian rhetoric on the left.

    This is the dilemma of the Libertarian, because Republicans are no more Libertarian than Democrats. Republicans TALK more like a Libertarian, but they expand government in some of the most unconstitutional ways (spying, wiretapping, detention, torturing, security bureaucracy, military build-up, etc.).

    There's such a gap between what people want from the Republicans and what they're delivering that they need to completely adopt the Libertarian platform or risk becoming obsolete.

  2. Agreed I seldom support either major party, there is a democrat that I vote for consistently and I have supported some republicans but neither party is worth a damn.

    I vote whichever candidate best reflects my view regardless of party, that is frequently but not exclusively libertarian.

  3. Somehow this one got under my radar as I've been incognito for a week or so. However, I did catch a piece on the national network news last night and it was decidedly anti-Van Jones. At least, it raised all the right wing issues without any balance.
    Good or bad, this type controversy is the last thing Obama needs right now.
    So far, the Libertarians haven't showed me anything either.

  4. It kind of sucks he resigned. Politically he may have been just awful but he seems like someone with conviction and character. That sets him above most apointees even if he turned out to be a complete hack. I would have liked to see Obama show us he has some sack and keep the guy in his position. Sadly political convenience always trumps courage and integrity. Business as usual from the folks who brought you hope and change.

  5. His resignation is proof he's a Democrat at heart: total quitter.


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