Tuesday, September 15, 2009

U.S. Troops Invade Somalia

Antiwar.com reported yesterday that U.S. troops have invaded the southern portion of Somalia. This is following confirmation from the French military that they most definitely weren't in Somalia. U.S. military officials confirmed the news to the Associated Press that the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command were responsible for the attack on the village of Barawe. While they confirmed this, they did not give the reason for the invasion.

While government officials haven't publicly revealed anything, privately they have been quoted as saying the target was a Kenyan named Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, and that he was "'likely killed' in the helicopter-backed raid." Now, who exactly this guy is seems unclear. Many in the media, including the Associated Press, have claimed that he is "one of Africa's most wanted al-Qaida suspects." However, his affiliation with the group hasn't been verified at all, and his FBI wanted poster only lists him as "wanted for questioning," which hardly seems like grounds for assassination.

But as Antiwar.com reports, Obama signed an Execute Order ten days ago calling for the military to kill Nahban whenever they got the chance, and "sources close to the situation say the U.S. considers its attack a success since they recovered a body they think might be Nahban's."

Also, as reported in the Associated Press article I linked to above, Somali insurgents have now vowed to retaliate against the U.S. Hmmm, I wonder why they would possibly want to go and do something like that?

So much for peace. For anyone who continues to insist that Obama is somehow even vaguely anti-war, this is just another nail in an already battered coffin. But I'm sure we're ::this:: close to ending terrorism, right?

And then we wonder why Muslim populations continue to hate this country...


  1. American trash. You used up north america. Now you seek further expansion. STAY PUT!

  2. Even your internet is a year behind in the third world, huh?


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