Monday, March 14, 2011

Totalitarian America

To describe a government as totalitarian is not a reference to its behavior, but rather, to the limits it respects. And increasingly, what we are seeing in Washington is a government that does not respect any limits, least of all the limits imposed by the will of the American people and the United States Constitution.

The politicians and bureaucrats in Washington do not respect the sovereign right of nations, as we have seen in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt and now Libya. How the Egyptians and Libyans are ruled, and who rules over them, is of absolutely zero national interest to the American people right now. Nor does Washington respect its own laws; just last week the Federal Reserve's Consumer Advisory Council declared that it had found "no wrongful foreclosures" despite the fact that mortgage banks have been forced to withdraw more than 150,000 perjured affidavits that were filed in support of blatantly wrongful foreclosures.

It does not even respect the absence of economic activity, as the Obamacare insurance mandate is trying to claim jurisdiction over the non-purchases of health-care insurance through the Interstate Commerce Clause. It is a sad evidence for the decline and fall of America when literally Orwellian language is used to justify the further expansion of federal power. Black is white, war is peace, and an absence of commerce is commerce.

Totalitarian State of America

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  1. The American political system is a little corrupt and deceptive right now, but I think that to call it totalitarian is extreme.


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