Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Team Obama Food Police™ Hungry Kids Edition

video via Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty

The Obamas have been obsessed with what your kids are eating …. or not eating, and Michelle Obama has made it her personal mission to federalize your child’s eating habits under the guise of fighting obesity. Of course, the government’s agenda for food is political, and it is driven by the most wealthy and powerful corporate interests that drop the most coins in the assorted bureaucratic tills. Over the last three decades, as the government and its tag-along special interests have ramped up their “war” on fat and fatness, the population has become increasingly more obese and unhealthy while they sustain their shoddy quality of life entrenched in a perpetual pharmaceutical coma, thanks to a multitude of government programs and policies that keep people in the grip of the pharmaceutical-medical-governmental complex for a lifetime. “Gotta have my pills” is more American than any Chevy, baseball game, or apple pie.-Karen De Coster: Obama Obeseonomics

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