Thursday, March 17, 2011

Richard's Cash Register


  1. hahaha I love it.

    And yes, Richard does seem like a big jerk. I don't like him either.


  2. Thanks Erika! We do try to post interesting stuff. If I find something I like and I think others might enjoy or find informative, I post it, even though it makes Bret "Ginx" Alan go crazy because he is jealous of my amazing non-original posting abilities.

  3. You don't believe in intellectual property rights, so I am not at all surprised that you lack any motivation to produce original content on your ad filled site. You're stuck having to use other people's creative skills because you lack any yourself.

  4. Bret, do you seriously believe that the recycled ideas in the drivel you produce are "original", or are you just playing the clown as usual? Please, go troll somewhere else.

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