Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good Time to Buy Uranium?

With all these sort of ‘gloom & doom’ news items on nuclear energy, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that uranium, the fuel of a nuclear power plant, is in the spotlights. Many pundits all of a sudden start questioning the bright outlook for uranium and fearing a collapse in demand for the commodity.

Well, we think that, despite the catastrophe in Japan, the reality is far different.

The most recent figures of the World Nuclear Association point to a least 150 new nuclear power plants till 2030, with Asia being the big driver for the future of nuclear energy expansion.

... investors in a panic mode, dumping everything that has something to do with nuclear energy. You can almost smell the fear in the air.

When the blood is running in the streets, we as contrarians buy, especially our convictions!

Massacre In Uranium: When The Blood Is Running In The Streets, You Buy!

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