Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The mediocrity and corruption should be obvious

The mediocrity and corruption should be obvious, to some it may never be clear.

Many libertarians, independents, anarchists and many on the left understand the mediocrity and corruption of the government from both false sides Democrat and Republican.

Do differences exist, yes, but only in a superficial way that bodes well for the campaigns. The whores pretend to involve themselves in begging and scraping for votes from the mediocre and ignorant general public all the while rubbing hands in anticipation of the 30 pieces of silver.


When we talk about puppets and masters we are talking about the corrupt, power hungry unorganized oligarchy. The oligarchy of the filthy rich and über powerful, a parasitic class of humans that manipulate the government like a puppet. The reason why so many conspiracy ideas fail under examination is that the government does not give the oligarchy power the government is a tool of the oligarchy a sign of the real power, the oligarchy maintains all the willing servants and pets in government.

The bread and circuses of the two party system do little more than perpetuate an endless campaign, a diversionary distraction presented and promoted to create and increase tensions between members of the ignorant public who suffer under the delusion of different parties.

The general goal is always the same, increase power and increase control, the teams have been assigned different colors and have some differences in the cheers and plays but both exist to make profit and gain control for the presenters. None of the game is to serve the "fans" only confuse and distract them. On all substantive issues both the Republicans, the Democrats along with other political parties and movements are directed by the same masters.

An additional mistake would be to assume that the corporations rule the government when in fact the CEOs serve a rich or powerful elite who demand fealty to their agendas.

Any politician from either party who attempts to counter the agenda is likely to be ruined with scandal or suffer death by propaganda when the oligarchy sicks the established media on them. Both parties clearly cower in the face of corporate pressure. Have the whores in congress, senate, judiciary, and the POTUS Democrat or Republican shown even the slightest resistance to the bidding of the oligarchy and the visible arms of control the, MSM, military, medical, or industrial complex with anything other than a "yes sir, how high sir?"

Not recognizing the puppets for what they are and understand that most of what is popular or politically correct is part of a plan is a sign of willful ignorance or delusional programing.

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  1. Mediocrity and corruption should be obvious. The reasons for this may differ depends on your perspective.


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