Thursday, March 3, 2011

Christians, please bring something to the table!

Please bring something other than faith for review, disregarding the Old Testament is not helping.


  1. How about a lemmon-poppy seed cake with a copy of City of God and Summa Theologica?

  2. Lemmon-poppy seed cake is always a good choice…

    But why would you think that the apologetics of Thomas Aquinas would fill the request of the show hosts?

    The Quinque viae was weak apologetics at the time designed for primitive and ignorant thinkers of the mediaeval era prone to support the vast majority of believers already convinced of superstition already.

    Science, philosophy, and even the delusion of metaphysics has advanced far past that level.

    How do the 22 books of De Civitate Dei contra Paganos from Augustine aimed at the already superstitious competition fill this need?

    Yes, I did go to Catholic school, even considered the priesthood, and wish I would have paid more attention and learned latin. The more I read the more I looked to others (mostly Protestant) for the evidence that is just not in existence.

  3. Well, I always appreciated, particularly in the case of Aquino, the attempt to marriage rational thought and Christianity. It made for intriguing writing.

    Hence, they come to the table.

    With lemmon-poppy of course.

    Incidentally, I went to a "Catholic" school as well but only superficially learned about St. Francis of Assisi and didn't come across men like St. Jerome and other Christian theologians until later. Way later.

  4. Benedictine order, always a bit different...


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