Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You're Mentally Retarded If You Want to Cut Government Spending

With over $200 trillion in committed liabilities the United States is very quickly nearing utter disaster. While most Americans are calling for governments on the federal, state and local levels to cut spending, there's one organization that will have none of it - the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE).

According to AFGE President John Gage, you need professional help if you think spending cuts are the answer:

"When people say, well, we just have to pay less in wages, whether it's private sector or public sector, I think they're mentally retarded to say something like that."

That John Gage parasite stole from Bret "Ginx" Alan's playbook. Bret patented the calling of those who disagree with your position "retarded". Bret should sue for intellectual property infringement.

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  1. I know someone who said likewise to me a couple weeks back, at a party. He said it first by building a straw-man position and ascribing it to the Tea Party, one where the Tea Party wants to abolish everything that this guy holds sacred. He then launched into, "so we cut government, now we provide LESS services, and that's better HOW?"

    I said,

    "Well, people could actually try taking care of themselves, you know."


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