Sunday, February 13, 2011

Washington Post and Kaplan University

Much has transpired regarding the for-profit college scam in the United States. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued Kaplan University over their hiring polices, accusing the for-profit parasite college of discriminating in hiring against black job applicants using credit histories. Minority students, especially black women, make up a huge part of the student population that is predated by Kaplan, deceived into believing the giant corporation is going to give them a hand out of poverty when in fact their business plan is to impoverish them through debt peonage.-The Washington Post and its Blood Bank Kaplan University

"Kaplan University is a criminal enterprise"

The Washington Post has reached many Americans and now appears to be taking advantage of them as well. Washington Post's Kaplan University is a for-profit college and will take basically anyone if they can pay their tuition. Investigative journalist Dr. Danny Weil says you cannot regulate a criminal enterprise and Kaplan University is certainly a criminal enterprise that in many ways works like a mafia.

According to investigative journalists at the Huffington Post, the Washington Post's subsidiary Kaplan Higher Education has tarnished the Post's image forever by raking in money from powerless students and those desperate for a higher education. Huffington Post reporter Peter Goodman says the largest source of profits for the Washington Post Company is Kaplan Higher Education, which is a whole bunch of courses with traditional campuses offering college degrees.

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