Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rolling blackouts for the area but not for football

Why Cowboys Stadium Never Lost Power during Rolling Blackouts.

Despite scheduled rolling blackouts across North Texas to relieve maxed-out power grids on Wednesday, electricity kept flowing at energy-hogging Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. (T)he Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have asked for an exemption for the facility.

The domed facility,... is globally the largest of its kind and uses more power than most medium-sized cities. During peak load the stadium runs at 21 megawatts.

On Super Bowl Sunday, ...additional safety measures to keep Cowboys Stadium up and running... In fact, ...hundreds of employees will work to ensure that lights stay on at and around the complex.

You have to love how the worship of football “heros” parallels the “bread and circuses” that keep the idiots in line, then and now.

Hey, at least the cheap piss colored artificially enhanced alcoholic beverages called “beer” (made by some of the most wealthy and corrupt mega corporations in the world) will stay ice cold.

I will throw a few extra logs into the fire to celebrate the coming statist Idiocracy as the worship of ignorance continues unabated. The inside of the stadium is at a consistent 72 - all electric, we wouldn’t want the TV crews and the overpaid drug enhanced trained gridiron “heros" to get uncomfortable.


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