Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Republican Police State

From Laurence Vance at The LRC Blog

The extension of the Patriot Act passed by a vote of 275–144 on Monday night. 210 of the yes votes were Republican votes.

The GOP cannot be reformed or made libertarian. It is the party of the warfare and national security state, and proud of it.

Update: the Senate has now passed the bill (H.R. 514) also.-Republicans Expand the Police State

I note that the cry of the Muslim masses in Tunisia, Egypt, and elsewhere in the Middle East is not for Islamofascism, global Islamic conquest, a global Caliphate, the worldwide establishment of Sharia law, a new holocaust, suicide bombers, and terrorists attacks, but for more freedom—something they supposedly hate us for.

But, some would say, their idea of freedom is not real freedom. Oh, then they must be Republicans. Like Republicans in the United States that claim to believe in freedom as long as it is not the freedom to use incandescent light bulbs, smoke marijuana, and purchase Sudafed over the counter.-Muslims and Freedom

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