Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Question of the Day: Elevator or Stairs?

When you have a choice, which do you take? At work, there is an elevator right inside the entrance. I only have one floor to go up, so I almost always take the stairs. A surprising number of my-coworkers, however, use the elevator. At least I have a choice. I once worked where we were on the second floor, but there was no regular stairway at the entrance. You had to take the elevator. This got awkward when the bigwigs were also on board. When the CEO is standing right next to you, it can get uncomfortable. Of course, anarchy would remove such unnecessary tensions by abolishing hierarchies.


  1. The only time I take elevators or escalators is if I'm carrying something heavy. I've noticed stairs are usually faster.

  2. I've noticed stairs are usually faster.

    Almost always! At least if it's only one or two flights. I always beat the elevators riders going up or down. Once, when my back went out (yeah, bad back) I couldn't make it up the stairs and the elevator was out of order! I had to call out sick while I was at work!


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