Friday, February 4, 2011

Question of the Day: Do You Ziploc?

Well, do you?

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I bring up the subject for a couple of reasons. First, Karen De Coster posted about them here:

In the town of Laval in Quebec, a 6-year-old boy was taught to fear plastic bags by the purveyors of propaganda at his school who threatened to punish the boy if he brought the disposable, plastic abominations to school. The story went viral because his Dad is a blogger. One Enviro-Busybody noted that tupperware was the respectable choice. But tupperware is made of plastic, and surely it is the equivalent of at least 3 disposable diapers in terms of its ruinous nature. So the race is on between Ziploc and Tupperware to determine which product can destroy the planet first.

Then Anthony Gregory responded to Karen with his own Ziploc love story:

I go through several gallon-sized Ziplocs a day. I love them. I buy them at Costco and use them for everything. I never wash them—I just throw them out. Even if they just touch a little lettuce or something. It is a joy to burn through them. They are cheap if you buy in bulk. Am I wasting a bit of money? Sure. But they are super convenient.


I like to stay stocked in three sizes: Gallon, quart, and sandwich.

Okay, so there is another reason for this question, and it's that I love Ziplocs, too. I mostly use the gallon and the quart size, sometimes the sandwich. I've bought the snack size a few times, but have never found much use for them. I also burn through them and never reuse them. I will sometimes buy the generic brand instead of Ziploc, but right now I have a large number of Ziplocs that I happened to find hidden away that I'd forgotten about. I use them for everything. They make it easy to store things that come in larger packages that you can't reseal very well. I use them for work a lot, for my lunch. I take fruit, even salad and my own dressing that way. I found a deal on Farmer John hot dogs the other day, and even though I prefer Oscar Mayer, I wasn't going to pay three times as much for hot dogs! The only thing with the Farmer John's is, they don't come in a resealable package. Ziploc to the rescue!

One size I doubt I'll ever use is the "Big Bag" size:

When I saw that photo, I thought for a moment it was a joke, some kind of a parody, making fun of Ziploc devotees. No, apparently it is a real product, in spite of the fact that I've never heard of it. Here's a review of them: Not the greatest product.... . Keep in mind that title only applies to the giant ones, not the regular food storage bags.

So, do you use Ziplocs? What do you use them for? Do you think they are environmentally unsound? What do you think about Ziplocs!

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  1. No way. Tupperware is the way to go. I don't think I have had a ziplock bag since I bought pot.


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