Thursday, February 17, 2011

Obama: Worse than Bush?

From a liberal, "progressive" perspective...

This guy sounds like Bret. Of course, cutting the ridiculously wasteful (and criminal) military warmongering budget, I agree with.


  1. Oh my god... I have a beard, those exact glasses, and that flag. I think I have more vocal ticks than this guy, though.

    And no, I was old enough to remember that Bush is worse than Obama. The cuts we're facing are a direct result of Bush and his failed economic policies. You don't get to say "Well it's Obama's responsibility now" and then claim Reaganesque Alzheimer's when it comes to consequences.

    Obama isn't liberal, progressive, or anything remotely near what I would like in a president. That's doesn't mean he's "worse than Bush." He's just more disappointing than Bush, because most of us on the left knew Bush would be a failure from the day he wasn't elected (though remember, people like me were not enchanted by Obama at any point, be it during the campaign or after his election victory).

  2. I’m old enough to remember this was only dog-piled on by the “conservative” (gateway to the neocons) Reagan, Bush Daddy, Clinton, and then Bush the retarded - all adding more and more corruption and debt.

    Then of course the real deal was the influx of the “new deal” politics from way back under FDR, and later more crap under LBJ...

    Mr. progressive in the video seems to be under the delusion that there is any difference from Democrat and Republican when in fact it is only the pathetic puppets of the oligarchy playing to different groups of sheeple in the same labor farm...

    Obama is just the puppet on one hand and Bush the retarded was the puppet on the other hand - what did he expect - change?


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