Friday, February 18, 2011

Fox propaganda ends up lying about lying

Fox only bothers to attempt a pathetic “apology,” because propaganda service was busted by viral videos of the “creative editing.”

Fox exposed “with their pants down” calls this blatant dishonest “creative editing” an "honest mistake".

Yes Bill Hemmer offered up a pretty weak excuse for what they did in an interview with Ron Paul Tuesday, they claim the reason they aired the wrong clip was the two clips of the CPAC victory announcements looked to similar.
The winner (Ron Paul) was announced February 12, 2011, the FOX news report was aired Feb.15, 2011, thats 3 days apart.
Pretty hard to make that mistake. Yes a 38 second apology, how classy.

More proof that the presidential elections are part of the manipulated “bread and circuses” and that only the approved puppets from both sides ever get to the final election block - only oligarchy approved candidates ever get elected, hook or crook.

Do you expect Hannity, Glenn Beck, or the other hacks to point this out?

Honest mistake my ass - video editing does not work that way even the digital editing... Management wanted to tar Paul and had an editing professional look up old stored digital files to edit into the interview.

Fox - we know your methods.

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  1. Wow, I'm never surprised with Fox. What else are they going to do next? Geez.


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