Saturday, February 19, 2011

Discussion: Metric

Americans are retarded for not adopting the metric system. Discuss.


  1. It's not a matter of being retarded, most people are just more comfortable with the system they already know.

    Metric is used in a limited way in the U.S., but it never caught on like it was supposed to (and like they told us it would when we were in school).

  2. Base 12 has more even fractions. Easier to perform division calculations in your head that way. the size of the common units also match up much more closely with the scale that people what to describe.

    Metric, base 10 is easier to convert between units, and is unequivocal. A meter is a meter the whole world around. Almost all U.S scientific research is done in metric.

    And the U.S has adopted the metric system. It is legal to sell anything denominated in metric units. It's just not illegal to use the standards that where previously established, and that's what most people do for most reasons because there's absolutely no compelling reason to do so for most purposes. There just isn't' any government interference in this choice.

    When I'm preparing a chemical solution I use liters and grams, and when I'm building a bookcase I use inches.


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