Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Armed Rooster Kills Owner at Cockfight

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I love watching the neighborhood chickens. We've had chickens running loose for months now, the result of some kind of crazy real life "chicken run", where some chickens must have escaped from someone's yard. It started with two (I assume; I only saw a mother hen and her chicks) and now the little chickens are all grown up and running around in pairs (they seem perfectly matched) of rooster and hen. They dig through the dirt and the lawn out front, scratching up bugs to eat. The roosters crow and not just in the early morning though of course they do that and wake me sometimes from my dreams of Bret "Ginx" Alan converting to anarchism.

Anyway, I've come to have great affection for those chickens, and I don't just mean having them with mashed potatoes and gravy. No, I've come to really love them. I would never want to see one of those fine, proud cocks in a forced fight to the death with another chicken, no, I'd rather see him slash the throat of his human tormentor with a knife.

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On the other hand, we have enough felonies on the books as it is. If the state of California makes cockfighting a misdemeanor, I see no reason to change that. Don't we have enough people rotting in our hell hole prisons as it is? So Oregon, Arizona and New Mexico's dictatorships are real psychos on the penalties for engaging in this activity, California is plenty insane on most every other issue, so why get rid for of one last bit of sanity and reasonableness on this one, chickens fighting each other for gambling purposes.

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