Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Futility of Democrats

When it comes to Republicans, it’s pretty well understood that they say one thing and do another. For the most part, this is actually what many of the people voting for them want. In fact, other than the Republican fetish for claiming to be “small government” while running ridiculously crippling deficit budgets, Republicans very accurately represent their constituency.

This is largely due to a system of understanding coded messages.

“Tough on immigration” doesn’t mean they actually stop immigration, just that they will make life harder for Hispanics. If you come from Europe or Canada, you can still expect a warm welcome.

“Tough on crime” means more drug users and dealers (especially minorities) will be arrested and incarcerated. Jails will have to be built just to house them all, but corporate tax evaders can sleep well at night knowing no one is enjoying unapproved intoxicants.

“Tough on terror” means Arab Muslims will be shot, shelled, held without trial, and tortured both at home and in clandestine prisons in third-world nations. Christian Americans who shoot abortionists can still expect basic human rights.

Basically, Republicans represent racists very well, and they’ve figured out how to market it under slogans that are not overtly obvious.

Democrats, however, have no system. They campaign as sort of Socialist-lite candidates, but once they’re in office… they’re not all that different from Republicans. Sure, you have some exceptions to the rule, but for every Dennis Kucinich or Alan Grayson, there are dozens of conservatives posing as liberals.

There are supposedly lynchpin issues which separate the parties, but the only one I have ever distinguished is abortion rights. If you think women have sovereignty over their own body, Democrats can generally be trusted to be pro-choice. If you see women as concubines, Republicans are the way to go. But is this issue important enough to be the basis for choosing our leaders?

The other issues Democrats claim to espouse are ignored once they’re actually in office. Gay rights? Don’t hold your breath. Ending the wars? Yeah right! Responsible regulation? More like regulation responsible for ending competition for larger companies from up-and-coming competitors. Socialized medicine? I recommend marrying a Canadian. Protecting the environment? Nothing but empty words and oceans full of crude.

So honestly… what good are Democrats?

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