Monday, August 30, 2010

Yet More Anti-Iran Propaganda - Beating The Drum For WW3

Personally I feel this is just another hit piece to demonize the Iranians and set the grounds for a future conflict with Iran. We seen Obamanochio announce that military operations in Iraq are now over, same as Bush did, but yet here we see them on the border with Iran and no intention of leaving for another 18 months.

The only terrorists left in that region of the world is the US/NATO forces. If I had these assholes on my streets, I too would take up arms....but that's just how the NWO like it
- Axis4peace


  1. Yeah, I just don't get this military possibility with Iran. It's sad if America is planning to invade or attack it.

    Obama has to look tough to gain the war hawk vote, no?

  2. When Obama tries to touch his Nobel Peace Prize, do you think it sizzles?

  3. We slugs don't have much of an opinion on politics, we generally hide under leaves and nibble them with caution. Here are my "two leaves" worth: I like your question provoking blog, I find it interesting that there is always another place to invade when all the leaves in one place get nibbled. Would the economy improve if peaceful slugs ran the world?
    Love, Mrs. Slug


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