Friday, August 20, 2010

Jewish Groups Push US to Attack Iran

Secret files declassified in America have revealed covert public relations and lobbying activities by Israel. The National Archive made the documents public following a Senate investigation. Alison Weir of the Council for National Interest in the U.S. - a pressure group on Middle East policy - believes Israeli influence is corrupting the American media, which no longer represents the views of the country's people...

Council for the National Interest

High level former U.S. intelligence officers, including CNI Executive Director Philip Giraldi, have just published an analysis warning that Israel may plan to attack Iran as early as this month

We write to alert you to the likelihood that Israel will attack Iran as early as this month. This would likely lead to a wider war. Israel’s leaders would calculate that once the battle is joined, it will be politically untenable for you to give anything less than unstinting support to Israel, no matter how the war started, and that U.S. troops and weaponry would flow freely. Wider war could eventually result in destruction of the state of Israel. This can be stopped, but only if you move quickly to preempt an Israeli attack by publicly condemning such a move before it happens.-Former Intelligence Officers warn Israel may attack Iran this month and drag US into another war; discuss ways to stop it

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  1. I severely doubt it will happen, and I hope I'm right... but it's tough to believe in hope, lately.


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