Monday, August 23, 2010

Tony Robbins: We're Doomed

Anthony Robbins, the horse-jawed success coach and motivational speaker, puts aside optimism to tell his followers a gloomy tale of the Coming Economic Collapse.-Tony Robbins: Forget What I Said Before; We're All Doomed

It seems like almost everyone is warning of a coming economic collapse these days. Do you remember Tony Robbins? He is probably the world’s best known “motivational speaker” and his infomercials dominated late night television during the 80s and 90s. He was always urging all of us to “unleash the power within” and to take charge of our lives. Well guess what? Now Tony Robbins is warning that an economic collapse is coming.-Is Tony Robbins Right About The Coming Economic Collapse?

h/t WC Varones


  1. add comment moderation to your BS, jakkson

    or more people are going to die with you....

  2. What BS? Can you be more specific? There is not a single word of mine in this post, so just wondering what it is you refer to as BS?

    Oh, I get it, add comment moderation so you can't add your BS to these posts! Clever boy who speaks in riddles!

    I'll think about it, loser.


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