Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mexican Tyrant

The President of Mexico is nothing but a U.S. puppet, doing the bidding of the DEA and other Washington agencies. The drug violence has escalated in his country since he entered office precisely because of his stepped up measures to fight the "drug war". Now, as with the direction the United States government has been moving for a while with regard to cash transactions, he is moving to make purchases in cash over a certain amount illegal. This isn't even ultimately about stopping the drug "criminals", but about more control and power for the Mexican government and its real leaders in Washington.

In spite of its enormous and quite traditional (and deserved reputation for) corruption, Mexico has always been much freer in many other ways compared to the U.S., with less centralized regulation of everyday life. Now, with lapdog Calderon in power, they begin the move to total tyranny that the American State has perfected so well over the decades.

President Felipe Calderon put forward the sweeping new measures Thursday to crack down on billions of dollars of the illicit money gained by the drug cartels and spent by them for more profit.

"This illicit money is vital for the criminal. That is what they seek, this money. It is also vital to finance their activities," said Calderon, The Washington Post reported on Thursday.

If approved by the legislature, the legislation would not allow anyone to buy real estate in cash. Neither would it permit anyone to spend more than MXN 100,000 (USD 7,700) in cash on vehicles, boats, airplanes and luxury goods.

Violators of the new legislation would face up to 15 years in prison.-Mexico to ban payment in cash

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