Friday, August 20, 2010

Mentioned by Poli-Tea

Poli-Tea, Third Party and Independent Opposition to the Two-Party State, has included Skeptical Eye in a list of "new discoveries in the third party and independent blogosphere" (On the Radar in the Third Party and Independent Blogosphere):

The Skeptical Eye is a politically independent left-leaning group blog with anarchist and libertarian tendencies, judging from its blogroll at least. Motto: "Opposing the Machinery of Mass Conformity."

Thank you, Poli-Tea!


  1. Left-leaning? Since when? Oh right...

    Naw, I kid. I know Nikk's not conservative, no matter how many times Mises got mentioned here for a while.

    But I wonder... since the left and right look nearly identical... how do they come up with "left-leaning?"

  2. Also, link in post is dead.

    Thanks. Fixed.

  3. I only came across Skeptical Eye in the last few weeks. As I said in the post at Poli-Tea, "judging from the blogroll at least." Or are all those links to anarchist, libertarian and left-leaning sites there just to keep an eye on the opposition? ;-)

  4. No, we're definitively "left-leaning" and libertarian, although with the addition of Bret to our roster (he can't get over his fondness for the state) perhaps a bit less anarchist than before.

  5. Nonsense. We should have an entire branch of the government elected only by anarchists, whose sole duty is to erase laws we no longer need. A sort of Anti-Senate.

    Better yet, since the Senate itself is highly corrupt and non-representative, why not just convert that into our "anti-Legislature."

  6. heh. You could call it the anti-crime unit. "Criminal possession and use of drugs is down by 100% since we ended prohibition."

  7. That's the one that affects the most private citizens, but there are also some industry regulations that could be relaxed without much problem, which would make way for some regulation we lack. Like... why do hair dressers need to be liscenced?


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