Monday, August 23, 2010

Anarchist Justice

How anarchy would let us deal with crime like civilized human beings rather than tossing everyone in the dungeon.


  1. This was literally one of the dumbest things I ever wasted my time listening to, and I can't say I'm surprised that someone who never leaves his house or probably ever interacts with real people in the real world while playing WoW came up with it.

    I don't even know where to start... how about with the bullshit claim that no system at all is worse than what we have. Or the threat of being dropped from private police coverage will end crime, especially among the poor who can't afford that kind of service anyway. Or his clear obsession with the victim not being repaid, so clearly his only experience with crime is having something of his taken or broken. No word yet on how much you get repaid for rape, murder, memberment, or even how anyone goes about finding the culprit without resorting to mob justice.

    The part that realy makes me laugh is when he tries to address the problem of the poor (who are the victims of more crime than the rich, but would be unable to pay for any kind of private justice service) and he thinks "charities" will pick up the slack. Folks... charities is Libertarian code for "religion," and we don't need to bolster the influence of religion in society, nor should we be forcing people to rely on religious charities. This is indeed what happens in anarchies: when government vanishes, religion picks up the reins. "Would you donate?" Well clearly a society who won't even chip in for fair trials would jump at the opportunity to help poor people...

    But what takes the cake is when he suggests that poor people can donate time and skills as night-watchmen. Clearly no one would ever be poor because they lack the skills or mental stability to perform on the job, let alone a job as difficult as crminal justice...

    "If you have a problem, people need to be able to get together and come up with solutions, as equals." Yeah, it's called democracy, and you're fucking living in it, you over-privileged piece of shit WoW punk.

  2. You realize most people on welfare also work 2-3 jobs, right? When are they going to find time to "pitch in" with private security forces? And as we all know, rent-a-cops never abuse their power...

    Sometimes I swear you just post stuff without even thinking about it beyond the selfish wish-fulfillment "tax-free" dream being proposed.


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