Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stump the Christians #1

I think my blog is known for its regular features. For a while, I had a funny Bible quote every day (101 days in total, basically until I got bored and then I rounded it off to a nice number… then forgot I had an unnumbered Christmas quote, hence the 101). Now I do cartoons, word puzzles (which are more like visual Photoshop representations of cliché phrases), and some other random stuff.

I thought long and hard, and after a dog walk I decided on a great feature to unleash on you all during my tenure here at SE.

I never got many Christian readers at my blog. Let’s face it: Christians don’t spend much time on atheist blogs (although I think calling them retarded on a semi-regular basis keeps the Christians and all people over 30 away in general). But SE – while I know Nikkolas is loathe to admit it –attracts a fair number of Christians.

I think it’s all the fiscal conservatism. Christians love knowing the state isn’t helping poor people, only the wealthy. I know that’s how Jesus saw things, since he was such a fan of Rome and hated the poor…

I digress. The feature I came up with (which normally won’t have this rambling, insulting preamble): Stump the Christians. In it, I’ll come up with a scenario where I challenge Christians explain. It won’t be easy; I’ve read the Bible, so none of these are going to be directly addressed in there. Instead, I challenge Christians to take a wild stab at what they think is right.

I’ll be honest… this feature relies on you guys, the readers, because if I am just posting tough questions and no one comments, it will get boring really quick.

Today’s “Stump the Christians” question:

If you are 8 months pregnant and the rapture occurs, will your baby rapture with you, or will it be left behind, unsaved?

Please keep in mind that “Original Sin” is not strictly Catholic (consult Romans 5:12 and Psalm 51:5).


  1. The baby and mother would go together, and all children before the age of accountability (this is my speculation, but based on God's word) but if it is unsaved person who is pregnant that would probably mean natural birth for the child and since that time will last 7 years (about the age of accountability) the child would go through the tribulation period but still go to heaven.

  2. So if the mother is saved, the baby is automatically saved, too... but if the mother is not, s/he has to become saved later (by around the age of 7)?

    If you have any verses to back this up, let me know.

  3. You may find an answer at the end of Job.

    But as for the specifics, I don't know. Does that shatter my faith? Hardly, but I'm not hung up on the details especially when I have my own life to worry about.

  4. I doubt I'll "shatter" anyone's faith. I even doubt anyone will ever change their mind because of anything I say, regarding religion, politics, or even taste in food.

    I just have questions.

  5. I believe there is an "age of accountability". Any child who does not know the meaning of sin and how it applies to their lives (that they have sinned and come short of the glory of God) will be treated as saved. That's my supposition. I probably would be hard-pressed to actually point to scripture, but I know its out there.

    As to a baby still in the womb...well, if the mother was raptured, sure. I'm pretty sure the baby would go with her. But as to a mother who didn't...hmm. I'm not sure. I don't know how God would engineer that. I'm sure he could, but I don't see how it would be feasible. I've also never seen any scripture that tells us about that interesting scenario.

    I shall have to give that some thought. :)


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