Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nailed It

A 49 year old mother of three from Sri Lanka working as a house maid in Saudi Arabia returned home after working five months. Her family took her to the hospital after she complained of pain.

Turns out, the couple she had been working for hammered 24 nails into the woman’s hands, feet and skull.

Was she caught stealing the lady of the house’s necklace? No, she had simply complained about the workload.

And you thought your job sucked and your boss was a slave driver…

The woman adds that the1-2 inch nails were heated before being hammered in. Sri Lankan officials are currently speaking with Saudi authorities… so in other words, nothing will probably come of this.

No word yet as to how she got through airport security metal detectors.


  1. She was probably raped too. I'm wondering what went through their sick heads that driving nails into her body was a fitting punishment? Maybe now people won't go to Saudi Arabia for work.

    And what was this about the Russians angry that some dumb chick sent back her adopted child because she couldn't handle him? Maybe they could lay off her because at least she didn't abuse the poor kid.

  2. Yeah, it is interesting what people find acceptable.

    I think adopting a kid and sending them back like a puppy who peed on the rug is also pretty pathetic, but yes: it's good she didn't torture him. It would have been best if she had just shown a little patience, but whatever. I don't have a lot of sympathy for racists who demand white babies and only take Russian kids, even if they're already 8 years old.

  3. I have three screws in my knees and shoulder. Does anyone care about ME?

  4. I have a screw loose in my head, and you don't see the king of Numibia transmitting radio signals in my jaw (unless I stop taking the pills...).


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