Wednesday, August 25, 2010

College: A giant scam by Molotov Mitchell

College: A giant scam (video)

If 80% of the people who graduate from college aren't using their degrees in their career (I'm in the other 20% myself right now), then why do we continue to ruin our children by insisting that they attend college?

Most "children" would benefit more from entering the workforce immediately following high school. Leave college education to those who truly have exceptional abilities. If your kid isn't in the top 25 percent of his or her class, then he or she is probably wasting their time and your money (and their future income) going to college.


  1. Yeah, Einstein should have settled for a menial job.

  2. I never said people should settle for a menial job.

    I've only said that the benefits of college seem to be outweighed by the costs and that most people don't use the degrees they obtain.

  3. So if you go to college and major in psychology but you don't become a psychologist, you don't use it? We have to be expressly using the major we earned in order for college to pay off? Learning for the sake of learning isn't it's own reward?

    I don't understand what this person is trying to say, but obviously you aren't saying it... probably because you lack the education to do much beyond repost what someone else said. So I agree there, you don't need a college degree to be a parrot who programs computers.

  4. Wow, Rush Limbaugh never went to college? I'm shocked... Entertainers, too, like Tom Cruise? I'm so impressed. And people who had rich parents like Bill Gates and Richard Branson had the starting capital for their businesses handed to them by mommy and daddy... they didn't need college either? Wow!

    So... any people actually making big developments in the world... curing disease... programming the OS that Bill Gates profits inordinately profits off of... the people doing the special effects for the movies... these people don't have degrees?

    This is bona fide anti-intellectualist garbage. Don't you have a Sarah Palin rally to attend?

  5. Just one more, because I like the guy but I can't abide his ignorance sometimes.

    I have tremendous amounts of respect for George Carlin, but finding out he doesn't have a college degree explains a lot. Like his seven dirty words:


    Maybe if he went to college, he would have realized "fuck" and "motherfucker" are redundancies.

    Again, mad respect for all he did... but he's not that bright.


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