Tuesday, August 24, 2010

People Are Insane #1

If you believe we should adopt anarchism, you are probably a white male with an IQ above 115. The problem with people like us… we have a very strange view of the world. We can’t help it, it’s just how the world works. People act different around us, and we often don’t even come into contact with most people out there.

Anarchists also tend to be young, perhaps lacking the experience of seeing how awful people can be.

So, in an effort to show my anarchic friends why the only old people with any kind of experience in this world who support anarchy are insulated intellectuals whose biggest concern is how best to plate caviar... I present to you:

People Are Insane

Full story here.


  1. i don't understand your point. we need governments to protect cats from being thrown into garbage cans?

  2. It's not any cruel being that will change my point of view on hierarchy. We'll have to wait for human beings to evolve. There's no other way. Anarchy can't be implemented while people are so dumbed and sick. But it's a natural consequence of evolution and it will happen, sooner or later.

  3. My point:

    Anarchists are constantly talking about how abusive "the state" is, but it's not the state, it's just people. People do insane things, and we need some form of order and restraint. You don't have to delude yourself into calling it "hierarchy," because frankly a police officer is not above you. They can be charged with crimes if they break the law.

    What's more, in this case, the real moment of police intervention was not in apprehending the woman who was caught in video, but in the protection set up at her house that aimed to prevent animal rights activists from harming her. The woman did a bad thing, but an angry mob of emotionally charged individuals would have likely done a worse thing to that lady had the police not restrained them.

    Justice is best left in the hands of dissinterested thrid parties, not with mobs or people paid by those affected.

  4. Ginx, it's people using the state to abuse other people. Using the state to abuse other people gives them the illusion of legitimacy.

  5. *sigh*

    People abused each other before there was a state. We also got nothing accomplished until we formed governments.

    I swear, I hate you guys for making me sound like a gun advocate among pussy liberals.

    I got news for you, if you dissolve the government... right... NOW! BOOM! New government, because I and millions of others know you accomplish more that way.

  6. [Not to make it seem like they'd rally around me, only that I would actively seek to become a part of a governed system. And no, "private" or "voluntary" or whatever you're calling it this week are not better, they're just competitive systems that will result in wars for resources. Please read some European history in addition to the bullshit pseudo-history of America you guys seem to love.]

  7. Bret, what do you think of the idea that it's wrong to use force against people who are not harming anyone else? Does that idea resonate with you? Does that idea sound like something that libertarians ought to be an advocate for? If so, I suggest that you try to imagine what society would be like if almost everyone applied that idea consistently to all of their interactions with others. Because that idea, applied consistently, is what anarchism is all about.

    How about you read some John Hasnas?

  8. ... I'm confused by your point, so I'll try to flesh it out by answering each question...

    It is wrong to use force against people who are doing no harm. It "resonates" with me...

    Here's where you lose me. Are you seriously asking me what would the world be like if everyone was a moral person? Fucking amazing! But I don't see how anarchy applies to this ridiculous hippie dream.

    So... anarchism is impossible because people are not reasonable, moral, ethical or any of these things. A person can be, and many individuals are, but in no group on Earth is this a commonality.

    I'll read some John Hasnas if you promise to read Howard Zinn's "People's History of the United States." Maybe you can give me a lecture on how amazing people can be.

  9. Let me put it another way, Bret. You said that you would actively seek to become part of a governed system. Fine. Just don't force anyone else to go along with you. Let those of us who disagree with you go our own way. Let us make our own arrangements. Let us form our own voluntary associations. Let us live in peace. You don't own us and we don't own you. We don't owe it to you to join the associations you favor, just as you don't owe it to us to join the associations we favor.

  10. But we will, because you have resources we want, so you can suck the end of my gun, because countries don't negotiate for those things peacefully the way companies in a free market do. They act like drug cartels outside the bounds of government, because if two acting parties have no oversight, violence is an inevitability.

    If you don't like it, kill yourself and hope you come back as a tree or something.

  11. It just occurred to me: anarchists are the new hippies, idealizing mankind into a utopia of everyone getting along while playing bongos and smoking pot. The bongos will just lead us to you, and the pot will make it so easy to get head shots (just aim for the lit cherry in the dark).

  12. I see, Bret. You admit that it's wrong to use force against those who are not harming anyone else, but you would be willing to use force against them because they have something that you want. You're every bit as vile as the woman who put the cat in the trash bin.

    No, you kill yourself, and perhaps you'll come back as a cockroach. That would be fitting for you.

  13. Yep, I'm vile. The problem is, assholes don't kill themselves, they kill others.

    Why don't you cry about it?

  14. You're not an asshole - you're a bitch. A bitch who thinks that he's an asshole.

  15. Ooh, them's fightin' words. Don't worry, I wouldn't hit a lady.


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