Friday, August 20, 2010

Declassified Documents: Massive Israeli Manipulation of US Media Exposed

Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy


  1. Manipulation is such a loaded word. They bought coverage that was flattering, like any other large entity with money. The real crime is how they treat Palestinians, not their advertising campaign, just as BP's crime is their blatant disregard for safety and regulation, not the bullshit news stories about "how it wasn't so bad."

  2. You miss the point, Ginx, I think. There has been, for decades, a lobby within and without the US that has sought, mostly successfully, to manipulate US foreign policy to align with the interests of Israel, regardless of whether those interests were also the best for the United States and the American people.

    That is not some minor side issue, since it involves, directly, your tax dollars and the reputation of your country. If Israel wants to do what it does with regard to Arabs in general or Palestinians in particular, let them do it on their own without the slavish, obsequious support of its bought and paid for Congress and White House.

  3. Indeed, there has. I wouldn't call it "manipulation" because that sort of implies some sort of nefarious conspiracy, and groups like AIPAC are pretty visible and open. Several other countries have similar situations, though none that I'm aware of rely so heavily on foreign (especially US) aid for their very existence.

    I'd rather Israel not treat Palestinians the way Germans treated Jews, regardless of who is funding them. But yes, it pisses me off that the US is not only complicit, but an accomplice (to the tune of millions of dollars in military funding) in the crimes.

    *shrug* I would just word it differently, if only because "manipulate" in particular is such an odd word. They lobby, sponsor, fund, donate... I don't know, I just like specific, not emotional, wording.

  4. I'm sorry, typo: billions of dollars, not millions.


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