Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The 9/11 families should shut up

This whole "mosque" controversy is ridiculous. Note to 9/11 families: I don't give a shit that someone you know died in the attacks--it does NOT give you the right to take away other people's freedom of speech. This is America and there is no such thing as a "right" not to be offended here. If you're that upset, do us all a favor and kill yourselves. The less fascists in this country, the better.

(Apologies for the long hiatus--I now have a new OS and shouldn't run into any more computer trouble.)


  1. What I found interesting is that the protest last weekend had less than a thousand people out there opposing the "mosque" (actually "community center" or something, not that it matters).

    Most of the families didn't care enough to go out, otherwise if just one person went to represent each of the fallen 9/11 victims in New York, there should have been about 2700 people protesting. It was mostly people who hate Muslims, and it's hilarious to me that in a city of 8 million, they couldn't find a thousand people for the event. Honestly, NAMBLA rallies draw more people.

  2. Ginx,

    Allow me to welcome you as a contributor! This blog just keeps getting better and better.

    FTR, I'm only trashing the 9/11 families who are "speaking out." They should simply shut the hell up. Having a victim status doesn't magically make one the dictator of the world.

  3. Glad you're back. The burden of being the sole poster was wearing on Nikk... I thought he was going to snap and kill DM at any minute. And you know who he was going to ask to help get rid of the body...


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