Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm Too Tired tell you what a crazy day I had. First, I woke up to find that Bret "Ginx" Alan had pulled off some sort of a coup and taken over Skeptical Eye, then I remembered that I actually invited him to blog here.

But that wasn't the really crazy part of my day, but as I said, I'm too tired right now to write it all down, so perhaps tomorrow, or looking at the time, later today.

For you bloggers reading this, how often do you fail to blog about something because you're just not "up to it", and then end up never writing it down. How many good or even great posts have disappeared forever because you were too lazy to compose them?

We could all collaborate on a book, call it The Lost Posts or something. I'm up for it, but just not right now.

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  1. I think I lucked out, because when I'm tired, I write. But really, is that surprising? I must be half asleep when I write what I do.

    I do, however, have hundreds of half-finished posts sitting in a folder, usually stuff I didn't complete because I got called away while writing it and I forgot before it was still relevant. Damn the hyper-speed news cycle.


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