Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Thousandth Cut

These days, I wonder if the State, or rather the people running the State, have gotten their tyrannies down to a perfect annoyance.  What I mean by this is that they seem to jab up with little needles here and there that never amount to anything other than us responding with an “Ow, that hurt you prick.”

Let me give you an example.  A few days ago, my wife got a notice from the DMV that she had to renew her driver’s license.  As she opened it, she gave herself a nasty papercut.  Sometimes the State really does hurt us in little, annoying ways.  And all this because the State wants to tax us.  Yeah, I know it’s a fee for driving on government-owned roads, but the thing is, there are a lot of government programs that seem to be purely designed to allow free stuff to some.

I told her she could probably fill out the information online, that the State probably had a website for it since this involved collecting money.  If it didn’t involve collecting money, she’d probably end up having to stand in line on the bad side of town for about four hours waiting for some overworked bureaucrat to process her issue.  And let me tell you, if the form wasn’t filled out properly, she would have to go the end of the line again.

When I first registered my new car (well, it was a used car, but my first car I paid for), I had to pay money for the county registration sticker.  This pissed me off because the sticker was only there to show that I was in the system and that I had paid personal property taxes to the state.  I asked my parents why the county didn’t just collect that fee from the taxes they charged me.  The response was that this is the way its always been.  In other words, they knew it was a bogus fee and there was nothing that could be done about it.

I am wondering if these days, the government has overreached and gotten close that thousandth cut.  The Obama administration and his Democrat controlled Congress certainly overreached big time.  This is why there was a Tea Party movement and a massive turnover last November.  They made a few cuts that were just a little too deep and we’d all had enough of that bull crap.

But it isn’t just the Federal government that is cutting into us.  It’s the state and local governments as well.  They all seem to enjoy it at this point, with all the uptight bureaucrats shutting down lemonade stands, the police confiscating cash from people claiming it’s for drugs, and all those stupid speeding tickets.  I wonder if those police officers will ever realize that they are nothing more than tax collectors with guns.  Of course, now that the IRS agents have a ton of automatic shotguns, they’ve been outdone.

I think that as more and more people connect across the Internet, we’re beginning to realize just how messed up things have become.  And while there are still plenty of dolts who still believe that government has our best interests at heart (they don’t and they never will), more and more we see plenty of people get tired of all the cuts, all the jabs, and all the stabs we’ve had to suffer over the years.  Many are beginning to realize that you can’t live like this.

Eventually, the common people, that is the people who are not on the government dole either as employment or just plain welfare, are going to stop letting this happen.  The thousandth cut is coming and it is coming real soon.  But unlike a human being who is killed by it, I think we’re going to see something much more terrifying and beautiful rise up.  And that’s when the real oppression will start.  You see, revolutions never bring about freedom, just more tyranny.  The only exception was this country and I doubt history will repeat itself.

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