Friday, March 4, 2011

Revolution In Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is like a Magic Kingdom made of spun sugar candy, though oil has been substituted for the sugar. It is all puff and show. It looks very formidable with its massive terrorist mercenaries and home-grown secret police and its huge pile of bribe money which it dispenses to the mobs when they look dangerous, as Rome dispensed bread and circuses. This totalitarian regime looks efficient at annihilating any show of freedom and dissent from its slave population. Some weeks ago it looked like it could and would murder anyone within the Kingdom who even looked like they might mutter dissent and they routinely rounded up anyone suspected of freedom tendencies. It was even rumored, probably by their secret police, that the Saudis had rigged bombs to the vast oil basin to blow it up if anyone looked like they might be able to take it away from the royal family.

But in the past month their totalitarian foundations have been severely eroded and the assaults on them grow stronger every day. People have suddenly started to worry about the Saudi oil, the largest in the world. Oil spot prices are soaring and the Saudi stock market has just been plunging. The royal family has begun to panic. Instead of just rounding up anyone suspected of freedom thoughts, they have suddenly been throwing hundreds of billions of dollars in bribes to the people, even some of it to the mass of college students and other young people who can rarely find a job at home.

They not only are now getting weaker fast. They look weak. Just yesterday a group of the top intellectuals of the Kingdom publicly urged serious consideration of making the government a Constitutional Monarchy, exactly as the vast majority of citizens of next door are doing. A major Shia cleric from the oil rich East of the Kingdom did the same and was almost immediately arrested and disappeared.

This is a catastrophic danger for a totalitarian tyranny like Saudi Arabia. Tyrants must look ready and able to strike down all serious opposition to their iron fist because the smiling and scraping mobs hate them. The Saudi’s are hated because of their totalitarian tyranny, their total corruption, their hypocrisy, their betrayal of the real traditions of Islam, the clans and tribes, their cowardice in hiding behind mercenary torturers and murders, and their theft of the nation, seizing all of the oil wealth for their huge family and dispensing it to the slaves only as they choose to do.

The threat to the U.S. imperial puppet regimes, especially Saudi Arabia, is so vast that yesterday the U.S. Military-Obama government openly supported Bahrain’s royal family in its fierce resistance to freedom, equal treatment, representative and responsible government and limited monarchy. This is really a secret support for Saudi Arabia, though the U.S. military also insists on it to maintain its vast base for the Fifth Fleet in Bahrain, from which it threatens instant annihilation to any people or governments that seem to threaten the Empire.-Slave Revolt Against the Sauds?

Day of Rage in Saudi Arabia

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