Sunday, March 13, 2011

Question of the Day: Would You Panic and Go Nuts If You Had A Relative In Northern Japan Right Now?

My big sister has gone crazy (well, she's kind of crazy anyway) and I've just been informed that she's been on the phone for six hours straight. Her son is in Japan working as a civilian for a company that contracts with the U.S. Military (yeah, he joined the military-industrial complex). When sis hears about something like first the big earthquake and then the tsunami, she gets a little worried , but when she hears nuclear MELTDOWN, she panics.

So, she's been watching the news, and based on reports of nuclear plant explosions and radiation leaks at nuclear facilities in the land of the rising sun, she calls friends of hers and gets them involved in a campaign to get her son out of Japan and back home. He was scheduled to leave next week anyway, but when in full panic mode, that's not good enough for my sister. So, she finally convinced him and he'll apparently be home in a couple of days (while losing his job at the same time).

I also wonder if my mom didn't plant some ideas in her head (Mom is pretty good at that) because when I spoke to Mom on the events over there, she kept saying "It's the end of Japan! The whole country is going to be destroyed! They're finished!"

I just hope my sister doesn't see this story:

The prevailing jet stream winds are blowing from Japan directly across the Pacific ocean to the west coast of the United States. Any airborne radiation would make its way across with the jet stream, reaching the U.S. in approximately 36 hours-West Coast USA Danger IF Japan Nuclear Reactor Meltdown

If she fully ruminates on that one, she'll be packing up herself and getting on a train (she won't take a plane because, you know, terrorists!) heading for the middle of the country in no time.

None if this is to downplay the seriousness of what is happening, but, how would you react (or panic) if you had a loved one in Japan right now?

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  1. The one thing I've learned after reading hundreds upon hundreds or publications, periodicals and books about this thing called "history" is that the human race and even nations are pretty resilient. Sure, some disappear without a trace but that's because they didn't eat their vegetables.

    Japan will overcome it. Dudes went through the atomic bomb for crying out loud.

    Mind you, the economy has been pretty stagnant for a couple of decades now.


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