Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Press For Truth Goes To Wisconsin

Revolution is in the air. More and more people around the world are taking a stand against corrupt government and challenging the system which seeks to enslave them. The people of Wisconsin are engaged in an epic battle against the State...


  1. And by "the State" I assume you mean "The Republican Party, in particular Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker."

    It's hilarious, all the little ways things get twisted here.

  2. Well, that is by the pro-union guy who was there (I took it from the video description). Just who do you think represents the government (the State) in Wisconsin?

  3. I just find it odd you would try to conflate an uprising against one particular ideology with a fight against "the state," when the actual target more closely adheres to the demonization of government which goes on around here.

    I guess that's what people with unworkable ideologies do, grasp for straws.

    A subsection of very stupid Americans got sold on the idea of the Tea Party and smaller government and cutting spending and entitlements... and now the real protests begin, not the artificially contrived garbage we saw after white people threw a hissy fit over Obama's election.

  4. Oh, I see. When you disagree with a protest movement, it's phony and contrived and the grievances can't be real, and those involved are just "stupid".

    You've been against the whole idea of mass protest/revolution anyway, until these whiners from Wisconsin came along. Do you think those tax-feeders would be protesting anything at all (The Fed, Federal encroachment on civil liberties, foreign wars, massive Federal debt and spending, if they were in no danger of having their privileges courtesy of the taxpayers curtailed?) They wouldn't give a goddamn about anything and they certainly wouldn't be out on the streets carrying signs.

    If they help to bring a collapse of the current system, however, great. They'll be slitting their own throats, though, whether they realize it or not.

  5. You've been against the whole idea of mass protest/revolution anyway

    What? Oh you mean when I criticize Tea Baggers for their Fox News field trips? When I mock people who hold signs saying "Keep your government hands off my Medicare?" I just found the stupid fools who did what the nice blonde man on the TV told them to do funny, I didn't go railing against public protests. I think I did a comparison of the various protests over the years, showing real protests for causes that actually matter to people (like ending the wars in Vietnam and the Middle East or supporting abortion rights) have higher attendance than these astroturf "movements" orchestrated by right-wing political think tanks.

    So Wisconsin teachers (just to name one of the affected groups) are whiners? One of the hardest working jobs and one of the most universally believed to be under-paid jobs... they are whiners for wanting to fight for their right to be fairly represented at the bargaining table?

    There isn't any "collapse" coming, there's just finally a more vocal movement for a real liberal party, one to confront the two (three if you buy the Tea Bagger bullshit) conservative ones we already have.

  6. Yeah, it's clear: they're protesting against "an ideology"! That's their whole message.

    "Your ideology sucks!"

    Exactly, Bret! Damn, who needs to watch a video or talk to anyone in Madison? Bret's here to tell us what is going on, from his basement dungeon where it puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again.


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