Saturday, March 5, 2011

Phony Government Statistics

It's just hilarious watching the excitement over those new (and completely bogus) unemployment numbers from the lying Bureau of Labor Statistics. The economic recovery has arrived! Yeah, and I've got this bridge I'd like to sell...

The government's definition of the labor force is all individuals 16 years of age and older, who are employed or seeking employment. It does not include students; retirees; anyone with unreported income, or ,"discouraged" workers.-'Good' Jobs Report Has Dark Side

What's the real story? The "participation rate" is at a 27-year low! It compares those already employed or still looking for work with everyone else left over. Those who have simply given up looking for a job are then magically not counted as being "unemployed".

Stepping on the heels of the Bureau of Labor Statistics release of the employment figures, Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge pointed out that, based on the 25 year average of employment participation of 66.1%, U-3 unemployment ought to be at 11.6%—quite a bit higher than the current 8.9% headline number.

This points to something that a lot of commentators of the BLS’s numbers have been saying for a while: The number of individuals in the labor market as defined by the BLS has been steadily dropping. But it hasn’t been because of some sudden demographic shock—it’s been because more people have been unemployed for more than two years.

So-called “Ninety-Niners”—people who have been unemployed for more than 99 weeks, and have therefore run out of unemployment insurance—are dropping out of the BLS accounting for unemployment.-Sustained Unemployment Confirms The Failure of QE-2

Ain't government amazing! It can create just about anything from thin air!

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  1. Here in Vegas, on the route I normally take to work, 7 businesses have closed in the last week! SEVEN! Seeing we now are also not going into any inflation (oops!! another lie!)due to rising fuel and food prices that according to the administration will do little harm to the fake recovery, how is it that anyone would believe the lies coming from the government?

    So, one has to ask along with your well stated prmise above. If businesses are still going under at a terrible rate due to the inflation that isn’t happening, how in the hell can unemployment actually improve. Hypocritical bastards all, they as all government officials expect us to keep swallowing the big lie!


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