Monday, March 14, 2011

Is Firefox Now A Piece of Crap?

Used to be my favorite browser, and still would be if it didn't continually crash, freeze and be a general pain in the neck. I can't even efficiently blog and write all those original posts with all original ideas (because hey, if you wrote it yourself, it's gotta be original and not just rehashed statist drivel, right?), so I just get frustrated and try posting all my great link and video posts, which still isn't easy with Firefox these days (I must add, however, that this blog is now taking off like a rocket and since the recent departure of a contributor who apparently experienced only displeasure here, our traffic is way up).

So, anyone else out there now hate Firefox like I'm tempted to (it's hard for me to hate it completely, cause I used to be in love with it).

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  1. Firefox has sucked for a while now. Buggy, hangy, crashy. Chrome is faster but not quite as many extensions/plugins to personalize.

    Once Mozilla tried to make it super-fancy, graphics-wise, Firefox started sucking. The emphasis on personalizing with "themes" etc shows they're just going after people who choose flash over substance.

    I found when they switched over to the Plugin Container, things got slow. Firefox forums at Mozilla blame this not on Mozilla or their coding, but the problems with the sub-units like Adobe Flash. That's why they pulled them out of the base code and put them in the Plugin Container, according to the forums.

    Maybe the Firefox 4 under Beta will be a big improvement? I tried it for a bit and found it as bad or worse, but maybe that's because I want it bare-bones, fast, and bug-proof.


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